A quick guide to what WTSD means in poker

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With a long history, poker remains a favorite casino game for players. This is especially true since the boom of online gambling and online casino play. The appetite for playing poker online has really grown over timeand this sees many internet casinos offer it to players now.

One site particularly worth mentioning here is the awesome NJ online casino platform Resorts Casino. The range of poker games that it offers shows just how thrilling and exciting this casino classic is. When you also add in the site’s reputation for secure play and outstanding customer support, you can see why so many people love to play poker there.

To get the most from the game at any online casino though, you need to know the relevant terminology. One term you might have heard of before is WTSD – but what does it mean?

What does WTSD mean in poker?

Everyone who plays poker knows that it is full of acronyms, nicknames and slang. WTSD is certainly one, but what does it mean? 

WTSD stands for ‘Went to Showdown’ and shows the percentage of time you or your opponent stays in poker hands all the way until the showdown stage. It is a stat you will see on poker databases such as PokerTracker or HUD software for poker players online. These platforms bring together key metrics of player behavior to view. Shown as a percentage figure, many think that aiming for a 25% to 35% WTSD figure is best. This is because it makes it harder for opponents to accurately second-guess you. 

Why is it important to know? 

Now that we know what WTSD stands for and what it is, it is worth looking into why this stat is crucial to know. In simple terms, it can give you an advantage over opponents when playing poker. This is because knowing another player’s WTSD figure can help you predict what they might do next. 

Someone with a low figure, for example,doesn’t go to showdown too often and could therefore be vulnerable to aggressive play that makes them fold pre-showdown. In essence, it is a tool you can use to get an edge over other players and improve your own play.

What else can help you improve your play?

The key to success when playing online poker is making efforts to constantly improve and use things such as WTSD in your favor. How else can you give your game a lift though? A good tip is to simply gain more experience at the table and really get a feel for what to do and when. It is also worth analyzing your own game to fix any weaknesses and be prepared to practice during your own time to pick up new strategies.

WTSD in poker is key

WTSD might be a stat you have not come across before, but it is worth having in your poker toolkit. If you know how often your opponent goes to showdown in hands, then you can use this to get an edge over them when playing. 

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